Kace Solutions Corp. is based in San Diego, which is an outstanding economic area experiencing great change in the manufacturing field. It has great expertise and experience in the automotive, electronic and furniture markets.




Our mission is to provide services that meet the specific needs of each client, always taking great care of quality, speed and continuous improvement, thus bringing maximum benefit to customers, our employees and society in general  in a sustainable way.



Being market reference in terms of quality and services provided.



  •  Loving what you do
  •  Greatest customer satisfaction
  •  Strong relationship
  •  Ethics in company relations and action
  •  Constant search for knowledg
  •  Value, respect and guaranteeing people’s commitment
  •  Focusing on results
  •  Being able to adapt



Kace Solutions Corp. began in 2007 by providing welding and assembly services on valves and control panels for refrigeration to companies. In 2010, as economy grew in several markets, Kace Solutions Corp. began to provide assembly and quality inspection services to the automotive, transport, furniture and electronic sectors with the goal to meet the increasing need for companies to focus their efforts and resources on the most profitable processes (Core Business). (allowing non-core processes to be outsourced)


The company is currently reference as an outsourcing service provider in the region where it is based.